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Unwanted wildlife can be a major stressor for any property owner. Particularly if the animal is dangerous. Save yourself the anxiety and stress by calling a professional pest control expert. Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions is proud to now offer comprehensive nuisance wildlife removal services. In addition to rodents, we remove squirrels, bats, coyotes, and snakes.

Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions encompasses all types of mice and rat control. When dealing with a rat infestation issue we take matters into our own hands by applying what we do best, Rat Control! Rodents are nocturnal creatures known for eating and contaminating food, chewing on electrical wires, nesting on insulation, making holes on air-ducts, among other damages that can result in major property damage.

When to Call Your Pest Control Professional

Most people wait too long to call a professional. When you start noticing smells, scratching or nests, the pests likely have already made your home their home! Be sure to call Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions if you notice any of these signs!

Common San Mateo Wildlife Pest Control Calls

Some of the most common nuisances experienced in San Mateo County area are bats, rodents, squirrels and snakes. No matter the critter, we ensure it is removed from your property safely and effectively. We also have measures we can install to prevent those critters from coming back to your home.

Bat Removal Service Call San Mateo California

Bat Removal in San Mateo County, CA

California is home to 25 species of bats with seven being commonly found in the San Mateo County area: the Mexican free-tailed bat, big brown bat, pallid bat, western red bat and hoary bat, to name a few.

We remove any nuisance bats from your property safely and humanely, including both adults and babies. We ensure the animals endure as little stress as possible during our process.

Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions works closely with property owners to guarantee their property is equipped with the latest bat prevention technology to help avoid future encounters.

San Mateo County, CA Snake Removal

There are nearly 50 different species of snake that call California home, although very few pose any danger. Either way, snakes can become a nuisance for your local ecosystem, while also causing you fear or stress. From kingsnakes and racers to garter and rattlesnakes, Xpert Rodent Solutions will happily relocate these invaders quickly and efficiently.

In fact, we are the only pest control expert serving San Mateo County that will handle rattlesnakes. If you encounter a rattlesnake, please do not try to handle the snake yourself or antagonize it. Rattlesnakes are highly venomous and will strike when provoked. Instead, call us 24/7/365 at 650-689-7995 and let Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions come to your aid.

San Mateo California Rattlesnake Removal
Coyote Trapping Pest Removal San Mateo California

Coyote Removal for San Mateo County Residents

Coyotes are one of California’s most prolific pests. They are a nuisance to property or livestock owners. On some occasions, they can be dangerous, particularly to children, small pets, and livestock. It is important to be vigilant of children and small pets if coyotes have been spotted in the area. Similarly, ensuring no feeders or rodents are on your property can be a good start to dissuading coyotes from trespassing.

Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions now has the proper licensure to trap and control these populations. We can use humane, state approved traps along with other measures to safegaurd your property and install systems to prevent future coyotes.

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