How do pests get into my home?

Whether your home was built in the 1940s or in 2017, there’s always a way for a determined mouse to burrow into your home. Mice or rats will find gaps or openings to your home that have not been sealed properly and quickly make your home their own. Mice can also enter the home through sinks or bathtub drains and/or pipes that have not been sealed properly. They can burrow themselves into holes half their size which is why it is so important that your home is properly and professionally sealed!

How do I get rid of mice in my house?

The first thing to do when you notice a mouse in your house is to try to find its point of entry. Look for small holes in the wall or lifted baseboards. After that, seal and package any and all food in your home. Mice and rats can chew through just about anything, so it’s vital to put all food sources in some sort of Tupperware or storage container. Then, it’s time to call Xpert Rodent & Wildlife Solutions so our technicians can provide you with safe traps and fully inspect your home.

Can mice harm my family?

Yes, they can. Mice may be small, but they carry parasites and diseases that can affect your family’s health. Mice contaminate every surface they touch and continuously defecate throughout your home (yes, it’s as gross as it sounds). An infestation of mice and/or rates can irritate allergies and asthma and these rodents also carry diseases such as the Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Lyme Disease.

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What is the best bait for mice or rats?

Contrary to what you see on TV, cheese is not the best bait for mice or rats. The best possible bait to use is peanut butter. When putting peanut butter on the trap, placement is key. It’s important to put a moderate amount of the bait right in the middle of the trap so the mouse has to fully climb onto the trigger.

What should I do if I see a mouse in my home?

Call us immediately and seal all of the food in your home. If you see one mouse, we can guarantee that there are more. It’s imperative to solve the problem immediately before the infestation gets out of control.

Are there any natural remedies to keep mice and rats away?

There are some natural remedies you can use to help keep rodents out of your home. Mice don’t particularly like peppermint, so soaking cotton balls in 100% peppermint oil and placing them in suspected entry points can help deter mice away. Placing steel wool in holes/gaps can also be effective because it will irritate the mouse’s teeth. There are also humane traps that allow you to catch the mice/rats alive and then release them. It’s important to release them at least a mile from your home so they don’t find their way back.

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