Pescadero California Coyote Trapping

You have come to the right place. Pescadero California Coyote Trapping with Xpert Rodent Solutions! Xpert Rodent Solutions is a locally owned & operated family business that believes in green and humane practices.

Serving the Strictly San Mateo County, we put an end to any rodent or wildlife infestation, utilizing GREEN and HUMANE rat, mice, and wildlife control solutions.

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Pescadero California Coyote Trapping

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingOur results and service set us apart from the competition. We strive to exceed your expectations. “It isn’t Done, Until it’s Done Right” with Xpert Rodent Solutions!

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Pescadero California Coyote Trapping

William Dahl is the Owner / Rodent Trapping Consultant at Xpert Rodent Solutions, a full-service Pest Control company located in San Mateo County that specializes in rodent and wildlife proofing, trapping, inspections, and consultations.

Xpert Rodent Solutions provides its customers with high-quality, reliable, and affordable Wildlife & Rodent Control Solutions.

Experienced & Trained Rodent Control Technicians

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingAll of our technicians are fully trained and experienced rodent control operators. Our staff has been in the pest control industry for over five years. At Xpert Rodent Solutions, we carefully screen all candidates prior to hiring. Each technician must demonstrate a highly professional capacity and excellent moral character.

Child and pet safety are a priority. We ensure the safety of your children and pets on our approach to rat and mice control. Our rodent technicians use products and application methods that pose absolutely no threat to the safety and/or health of you and your loved ones.

We take every measure to be envirnmentally responsible. We use products and methods that have little to no impact on our environment. Our technicians utilize both botanical and organic products as well as integrated rodent management methods that target the conditions of the rats to reduce the use of pesticides altogether.

We thrive on providing affordable rodent control solutions. We understand that our customers have choices and to stay competitive and the best in the industry, we are always working towards affordability through a variety of custom-designed packages.

Find out for yourself why we are the preferred local Rodent & Wildlife Control Company! Call 650-248-4004 now or fill out our online request form to schedule your Pest Management Service today!


Pescadero California Coyote TrappingRodents, especially rats, are aggressive, tenacious, and secretive, and are often a community-wide problem. Rodents are not domestic animals—they are wild, desperate to gain access to shelter and food and not in the least hesitant to compete with us for resources. Even brand new homes are susceptible—sometimes even more so when subtle new construction practices leave ways for rodents to gain entry.

Rodent Inspection & Protection Service

Xpert Rodent Solution’s Initial Rodent Treatment has two aims: To assess the rodent infestation, guiding our efforts towards the rodent control and to inform you, our client, what other measures might need to be taken.

At Xpert Rodent Solutions, our pest control technicians are highly trained and qualified to carefully inspect, assess, and come up with an efficient and effective plan to fight a rodent infestation. A technician investigates the area(s) of rat/mouse infestation.

This can entail various degrees of effort, depending on where the rodents appear to be gaining access, nesting, and searching for food. A technician will look for access points, visible damage and assess what actions are needed to exclude rodents from your home or building.

Do You Have A Rodent Problem?

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingAt Xpert Rodent Solutions, we identify the entry point of the rats, whether they are Norway, Roof Rats or Region Native Rodents, and seal those entry points. In many cases, rodents cause moderate to severe damage to property.

Our Rodent Control Services includes:

    • Inspection of Property
    • Assessment of Rodent Problem
    • Rodent Proofing
    • Repairs of Rodent Damage
    • Preventative Maintenance

Xpert Rodent Solutions goal is to bring peace-of-mind to our customers. Our Rodent (Rats and Mice) Control Service is guaranteed!

*Repairs and/or Preventative Maintenance may be needed to keep rodents from re-infesting and are not typically included in this particular service. A Rodent Proof Control Specialist will advise accordingly.

What Damage Can Rats & Mice Do?

    • Rodents are known for causing damage to electrical wires, presenting a major hazard for fire.
    • Destroy and/or damage insulation and ducting systems.
    • Health Hazard: Rodents tend to leave behind urine and feces. These substances present a major health hazard; these areas must be treated, and the animals must be removed immediately!

What Health Issues Can Rats & Mice Cause?

Some of these rodents can contain parasites, diseases and pose health risks. If they are in or around your home, your health may be adversely affected. Rats can transmit diseases such as rabies, bubonic plague, typhus, etc.

These rodents can enter homes and buildings, all they need is a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. They can climb walls and use utility lines and fences to travel from structure to structure. Roof Rats tend to nest on attics and walls, whereas Norway Rats often enter a home in the fall when outside food sources become scarce. These rats are known to gnaw through almost anything – including plastic or lead pipes – to obtain food or water.

Female roof rats can each have up to four litters a year, each containing five to eight young. In urban areas where they have no natural predators, the survival rate of the babies is pretty high.

Xpert Rodent Solutions has the professional know-how in Rat Control Services providing Smart Rat and Mice Proofing Solutions. Call us today at 650-248-4004 to find out how we can help you!

Our Experts Put An End To A Rodent Infestation

Rodent Solutions encompasses all types of mice and rat control. When dealing with a rat infestation issue we take matters into our own hands by applying what we do best, Rat Control!

Rodents are nocturnal creatures known for eating and contaminating food, chewing on electrical wires, nesting on insulation, making holes on air-ducts, among other damages that can result in major property damage.

What To Look For In Dealing With Rodent Infestation

  • The presence of fecal matter (rat droppings) and the smell of urine are good indicators, and you should act on it immediately, as rodents can proliferate and cause damages to your property rather quickly.
  • Rat damage is not hard to spot as they will chew on almost anything including food, air-ducts, clothes, paper, etc.
  • If any of the above is found, you need to contact a rodent control specialist right away! We have the skills and knowledge to put an end to your rodent infestation!

Common Types of Rodents

Norway Rats

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingThe body is generally about 8 inches long with a blunt nose and smaller ears and eyes. The Norway Rat is filthier and less choosy about its diet than the Roof Rat. Norway Rats tend to choose the low road. They like ground burrows and crawl spaces.

One way to tell which kind you are dealing with is to notice the “bathroom habits.” The Norway Rat will use the bathroom absolutely everywhere while the Roof Rat will leave his/her droppings closer to, even inside the nest.

Roof Rats

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingA little smaller than the Norway Rat and usually smarter, too. The Roof Rat is about 7 inches long and the eyes and ears are a bit bigger.

Roof Rats are a bit more choosy about what they eat. They like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but will eat meat if nothing else is available. Roof Rats tend to like higher places like trees and will walk across wires and plumbing and pipes in your home.


Pescadero California Coyote TrappingMice are much smaller than rats, at about 2 to 3 inches in length and less than an ounce in weight. Their droppings are significantly smaller than rat droppings. Most people think they have a mouse, but it is more likely in our area to have a rat.

An adult mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. This makes a mouse infestation more difficult to control – especially in older homes that have settled and tend to have other issues with small breeches throughout the home.

Some things you can do to avoid making your house attractive to rodents are:

    • Keep plant life away from the roof line and siding of your home.
    • Make sure crawl space and offset vents are secure.
    • Keep animal food inside at all times.
    • Keep dog droppings picked up.

If the situation is already out of control call Xpert Rodent Solutions today at 650-248-4004 for your free consultation.


Our Pest Control Experts Safely Remove Wildlife

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingUnwanted wildlife can be a major stressor for any property owner. Particularly if the animal is dangerous. Save yourself the anxiety and stress by calling a professional pest control expert. Xpert Rodent Solutions is proud to now offer comprehensive nuisance wildlife removal services. In addition to rodents, we remove squirrels, bats, coyotes, and snakes.

Xpert Rodent Solutions encompasses all types of mice and rat control. When dealing with a rat infestation issue we take matters into our own hands by applying what we do best, Rat Control! Rodents are nocturnal creatures known for eating and contaminating food, chewing on electrical wires, nesting on insulation, making holes on air-ducts, among other damages that can result in major property damage.

When To Call Your Pest Control Professional

Most people wait too long to call a professional. When you start noticing smells, scratching or nests, the pests likely have already made your home their home! Be sure to call Xpert Rodent Solutions if you notice any of these signs!

Some of the most common nuisances experienced in the San Mateo area are bats, rodents, squirrels, and snakes. No matter the critter, we ensure it is removed from your property safely and effectively. We also have measures we can install to prevent those critters from coming back to your home.

Bat Removal

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingCalifornia is home to 25 species of bats with seven being commonly found in the Central Valley: the Mexican free-tailed bat, big brown bat, pallid bat, western red bat, and hoary bat, to name a few.

We remove any nuisance bats from your property safely and humanely, including both adults and babies. We ensure the animals endure as little stress as possible during our process.

Xpert Rodent Solutions works closely with property owners to guarantee their property is equipped with the latest bat prevention technology to help avoid future encounters.

Snake Removal

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingThere are nearly 50 different species of snake that call California home, although very few pose any danger. Either way, snakes can become a nuisance for your local ecosystem, while also causing you fear or stress. From kingsnakes and racers to garter and rattlesnakes, Xpert Rodent Solutions will happily relocate these invaders quickly and efficiently.

In fact, we are the only pest control expert within 60 miles of San Mateo that will handle rattlesnakes. If you encounter a rattlesnake, please do not try to handle the snake yourself or antagonize it. Rattlesnakes are highly venomous and will strike when provoked. Instead call 650-248-4004 and let Xpert Rodent Solutions come to your aid.

Coyote Removal

Pescadero California Coyote TrappingCoyotes are one of California’s most prolific pests. They are a nuisance to property or livestock owners. On some occasions, they can be dangerous, particularly to children, small pets, and livestock. It is important to be vigilant of children and small pets if coyotes have been spotted in the area. Similarly, ensuring no feeders or rodents are on your property can be a good start to dissuading coyotes from trespassing.

Xpert Rodent Solutions now has the proper licensure to trap and control these populations. We can use humane, state approved traps along with other measures to safeguard your property and install systems to prevent future coyotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do pests get into my home?

Whether your home was built in the 1940s or in 2017, there’s always a way for a determined mouse to burrow into your home. Mice or rats will find gaps or openings to your home that have not been sealed properly and quickly make your home their own.

Mice can also enter the home through sinks or bathtub drains and/or pipes that have not been sealed properly. They can burrow themselves into holes half their size which is why it is so important that your home is properly and professionally sealed!

How do I get rid of mice in my house?

The first thing to do when you notice a mouse in your house is to try to find its point of entry. Look for small holes in the wall or lifted baseboards. After that, seal, and package any and all food in your home.

Mice and rats can chew through just about anything, so it’s vital to put all food sources in some sort of Tupperware or storage container. Then, it’s time to call Xpert Rodent Solutions so our technicians can provide you with safe traps and fully inspect your home.

Can mice harm my family?

Yes, they can. Mice may be small, but they carry parasites and diseases that can affect your family’s health.

Mice contaminate every surface they touch and continuously defecate throughout your home (yes, it’s as gross as it sounds). An infestation of mice and/or rates can irritate allergies and asthma and these rodents also carry diseases such as the Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Lyme Disease.

What is the best bait for mice or rats?

Contrary to what you see on TV, cheese is not the best bait for mice or rats. The best possible bait to use is peanut butter. When putting peanut butter on the trap, placement is key. It’s important to put a moderate amount of the bait right in the middle of the trap so the mouse has to fully climb onto the trigger.

What should I do if I see a mouse in my home?

Call us immediately and seal all of the food in your home. If you see one mouse, we can guarantee that there are more. It’s imperative to solve the problem immediately before the infestation gets out of control.

Are there any natural remedies to keep mice and rats away?

There are some natural remedies you can use to help keep rodents out of your home. Mice don’t particularly like peppermint, so soaking cotton balls in 100% peppermint oil and placing them in suspected entry points can help deter mice away.

 Placing steel wool in holes/gaps can also be effective because it will irritate the mouse’s teeth. There are also humane traps that allow you to catch the mice/rats alive and then release them. It’s important to release them at least a mile from your home so they don’t find their way back.

If you have any further questions, call Xpert Rodent Soluitons at 650-248-4004 or fill out our online request form for more information.

Pescadero California Coyote Trapping. Call 650-248-4004 now!